Pre-Dawn Lovers

I wake in the darkness and lie in the silence of my thoughts.
And as I watch the silhouette of the one who lies beside me,
My mind travels again through all those predawn hours we’ve shared,
When the world is still, and before the trials of the day overtake us.

I slept fitfully again last night, knowing you would be there for me.
And as I listen to the gentle breathing beside me,
I recall how you come to life under my touch, and how my heart races when we move together,
And steal away into those secret places that we share.

Although those precious predawn hours together are so few,
You never mock me when I tell you,
It will be different one day, one endless day,
When we will be together always.

And as I gaze at the sleeping form beside me,
My mind is full of the gifts I can lavish upon you to add to your beauty,
And how I thrill at the envy of others who admire you,
Knowing that you exist only for me.

I form pictures of you in my mind,
Hoping to hold a glimpse of your glorious frame close to my heart,
Anticipating the deepening of my breath and the sweat on my body,
When we come together.

I sigh deeply into the joys of those memories,
And my thoughts are interrupted by a gentle touch on my skin,
And a soft voice from beside me that breaks the silence.
“Cycling again today, Babe? Ride safely. I’ll have the coffee on when you get back.”

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill