Rudolph Does Revenge – December 2022

T’was a few weeks before Christmas 2022, and FNQ Audax was ready for some fun. When one ride just wouldn’t do enough for our pre-Christmas spirit, we decided to have two. Just over 20 of us headed off on Saturday evening to tackle the back roads of Tolga/Kairi for Rudolph’s Night Ride. There was tinsel, sparkly lights and even a few elf-like cyclists along. Most of us made it to the Control at Kairi where Jenny and Kim were waiting in the darkness. Some even followed the course. And a few of us managed to make it back to the finish unscathed. Others were lost in the darkness, or had fallen down a hole. Yep…… a BIG hole. But there were still smiles and lots of good humour. Those FNQ Audaxers are a tough lot.

Once again, Jimmy was there to catch all the action.

And the very next morning, cyclists again descended en masse to Rocky Creek Park to get started on Rudolph Does Revenge. There was an inkling that some of the enthusiasm may have been prompted by the promise of a free beer (or two) at Our Favourite Local after the ride. Around 50 riders headed out on the dirt trails around Tolga and Kairi area, including an always beautiful stint down the Sunwater channel road. Another 20 opted for the road course with just a few hills between them and the watering hole at the finish. But they did get some great views of Tinaroo Dam.

Kim and Jenny were once again stationed at the Kairi control, and interrupted their serious game of Wordle (which Jenny was playing for the first time, and maybe doing pretty well) to hand out goodies to the hungry hoards.

Then it was off to Billycart Brewing Co in Atherton. Our Favourite Local was a pretty quiet place on a Sunday morning before the Audax crowd showed up.

But that all changed when the red and green vouchers were handed out to riders at the finish, and the queue for beers started forming several minutes before the stroke of 10am (official opening hour at the bar). Billycart + Audax riders, and the place soon started looking pretty lively.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Christmas rides, and especially to our amazing volunteer duo – Kim and Jenny. And thanks to Jimmy for his video of the morning.

(13 January 2023)

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill