Photo Log – Day 14 – Pemberton to Northcliffe

Looks like a hard day ahead –  100m climbing in the first 2km.

Zooming on bitumen (might not be too bad after all).

Pokey’s new hood ornament.

Tall tree! Gloucester Tree. I climbed it in February so didn’t feel the need to do it again.

An enlightened approach to responsibility.

On the trail again.

Big trees and single track.  By far the best bit of trail so far.

Gargoyles on River Road Bridge.

Public safety rails WA style.

Pretty damp in this area.

Grass gravel. The local farmer had strung hot tape across track to keep his neighbour’s cattle out. (We then ended up in his paddock instead).

Home sweet home Northcliffe.

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill