Photo Log – Day 21 – Denmark to Albany

Pokey all packed and ready to go on the last day.

Goodbye Denmark Hotel.

A potential outlet for Jacinta’s clothing range.

Riding along beside Denmark river.

Denmark rail trail bridge.

Wind at our backs and sea by our side.

Some of those Scottish ancestors must have been here before us.

Definitely the go-ahead state.  Both walkers and cyclists rule.

Dry country.

Yes, that is a glass bottle for the milk.

It’s great when you can list your whole herd on the bottle.

Tastes just like Daisy milk. Yummy!!!

Banksia man in the making.

What a great spot for smoko.

Spotted on a bit of shared trail.

After lunch rail trail.

Bitumen gravel to the end.

Really????   This was a diversion around a few back streets to cross the rail line about 50m away from the level crossing we would have used if we stayed on the road.

Climbing till the end in Albany.

We made it!!

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill