Flying Fish Point Frolic – 8 August 2021

(Ride report by Chris H)

The Flying Fish Point Frolic was hosted by Innisfail Bicycle User Group members. Lots of helpers made it a very successful day.

Fifteen riders fronted up for the Frolic. Showers threatened and riders took off in windy but dry conditions – that wasn’t to last. Despite the threat of rain (remember, this is Innisfail), only two short showers caught up with most of the riders.

The ride included some roller coaster hills and some great views across the green hills of banana and cane.

The first control was adjacent to the weird Pyramid House – hopefully some people got a selfie there.

(Was this the selfie you were referring to, Chris???)

Leanne said that Ella Bay was a bit of a gem. It is a great spot hidden along the dirt road north of FFP.

After the ride a few riders found their way to the nearby FFP Cafe for some hot drinks and snacks.

No reports of cassowaries, unfortunately. Maybe next time?

But there were reports of a turtle rescue (Go Kim….. he knew Sue was busy).

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers from Innisfail BUG (Bicycle User Group) for hosting a fantastic morning on the bike. We were all well pampered with home-made goodies and a warm welcome to the area. Audax looks forward to a 2022 ride in this beautiful part of FNQ.

(18 August 2021)

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill