FNQ Big TrOppy and Little TrOppy – 18/19 May 2019

It was our third annual running of the FNQ version of the “Audax Australia Fleche Opperman All Day Trial” aka (locally) as Fleche’s Little TrOppy and Fleche’s Big TrOppy.  After our cyclone enhanced experience in March 2018 (thanks Nora), Audax FNQ was offered the chance to select a later date in the year from the rest of Australia.  We chose May – with the plan of avoiding the wet season, cyclones and hot weather …….

With the first out-of-season cyclone in 30 years looming off the coast (thanks Ann), three Big TrOppy teams and one Little TrOppy team finalised their plans.  Saturday 18 May continued with the showery weather that had graced FNQ for months (our first long wet season in seven years).

And we all had a blast !!!!  Four teams, 17 riders, lots of support crews and a (mostly) incident-free ride for all.  And FNQ is now the proud home of the Queensland Men’s record (620km) and the Queensland Women’s record (370km).

Meet the teams (and check out their ride reports – with more to come):

The Third Extreme – Jane, Gayle, Mary Ann, Nola and Tara – 370km – and our super-supporter, Steve.  Audax Queensland Women’s Record.

The Petite Boys (not the fat ones) – Kev, Kim and Mark – 180km (Support crew – Zoe)

Cirque de sore legs – Darren, Graham, Paul, Ken and Lincoln – 620km  Audax Queensland Men’s Record  (Support crew – Jodie, Michelle and Caroline)

Vote1ForBikes (photos) – Nick, Chris, Vaughan, Chris – 364km (Support crew – Lauren and Cheryl)  Read their ride report.

Thanks to everyone who participated – riders and support crew.  See you all for another crack at it in 2020.

(23 May 2019)

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