Banana 100 – Rider Instructions – Sunday 18 February 2018

It’s all looking great for a big day on the bike this Sunday.  Below are your ride instructions.  Your Banana 100 Cue Sheet  and map are ready to go.  Please print them out, and bring them with you on the day.  Or download the course from RideWithGPS onto your bike computer for navigation (last updated 16 Feb – make sure you have the latest version).

Parking – Please DON’T park in front of El Arish Tavern (on either side of the road).  Please park in the side streets in the area.  It is a residential area, so be courteous to people who haven’t discovered cycling, and are sleeping in.  There are public toilets in Royston Street (around the corner from the Tavern).

Check-in is at El Arish Tavern from 5.45am.  You will receive your brevet card, and be allocated to a wave start.

Ride briefing is at 6.15am.

The Ride starts at 6.30am sharp.

Riders will be allocated to start waves of about 20, at two minute intervals.  This is essentially to break up the large group so we don’t all clump at the highway near the start.  If you want to change waves, please do so, and let us know at the end which wave you started in.  This will be marked on your brevet card so we can give you a more accurate time.

We are working closely with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, who would like to take publicity photos before and during the ride.  Please read the CCRC Photography Consent Form regarding photography and the use of images.  If you DO NOT consent to having your image used in this way, please let us know (by email or in person on the day).  All riders will be asked to sign their consent at check-in (to satisfy Council obligations), and we will endeavour to ensure rider’s wishes regarding photography will be respected throughout the event.

There are two secret stamp points on the route – There will be a flagged stamp hanging from a sign.

1.  South Mission Beach – on the stinger sign opposite the Surf Club (at 29.8km)

2.  Jarra Creek Bridge – on Tully Gorge Road – about 13km from Tully (at 68km).  Look for the traffic cones.

Stamp your Brevet card in the Secret Control boxes on the back.

There is one Control – at the Golden Gumboot Park in Tully.  Water, fruit, cake and sunscreen is provided.  Stop and have your Brevet signed by the volunteers.

Water is available along the Mission Beach coast.  Fill up before you leave South Mission Beach, and again each time you pass through Tully.

Rail Crossings – There are crossings at 1.9km and 54.6km (on the Mission Beach side of the highway).  There are several crossings in Tully, but none along Tully Gorge Road.  There are several further crossings from 90km to El Arish.  A few are at tight angles.  If you are at all unsure, feel free to stop and walk across.  Rubber side down – and stay safe.

During the ride – Please observe all normal traffic rules, and ensure your safety.  Please wear your brightest, most visible cycling gear (high vis is the new black).  We want to establish a good relationship with the locals, and bring more rides to this region.

Please don’t enter any farmlands (remember Biosecurity is in place), and watch out for wildlife on the road.  Have your cameras ready – they don’t call it the Cassowary Coast for nothing !!

If you are pulling out, or having difficulty during the ride – please let us know.  Our contact numbers are on your Brevet and Cue Sheet.  A sweep vehicle is on course and will find you as soon as possible.

At the Finish – Follow the line of traffic cones into the Beer Gardens, and hand in your Brevet Card.  Your time will be recorded, and you can enjoy some beers, burgers, chips and ice blocks.  The Tavern has brought in their Chef on Sunday morning especially for us, so relax, enjoy some yummies and plan your next adventure.

Take your time, check out the great views, and enjoy your ride !!

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill