Get High On The Tablelands – 1 July 2018

1 July 2018 was a day to Get High, or maybe just Get Wet, or Get Cold, or Get Blown About Like There Was No Tomorrow.

In the warm sunny days of the past several weeks, 67 people decided that 1 July would be a day to Get On The Bike.  But when the elements chose to bucket down on us, 26 of those registered decided it was actually a day to Get Some Extra Sleep, Get A Coffee and Get Sensible For The Day.

The rest of us (the 41 who didn’t Get The Weather Forecast) made it to the starting line.  There were nerves aplenty and general questioning of sanity.  Then we got on our bikes and let the day unfold.



Here are the ride results – with a full report of the day and photos to follow.

2018 Get High 100km Times

2018 Get High 200km Times

From the kick-off, there was no way to dress up the obvious.  The weather gods had finally deserted Audax FNQ.  The day was going to be wet, cold, windy and possibly a little uncomfortable at times.  And we were going to the places on the Tablelands where that combination of environmental elements show-cased nature’s finest.  We were going High.


"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill