Photo Log – Day 22 and Beyond – Albany to Atherton

All packed up and ready to go home.

King George Sound

Representation of ships assembled in the sound during WWII.  30,000 sailed from this spot in the convoys.


Gayle hooking into a pot pie at Bay Merchants Cafe (we also scored a free coffee for completing the Munda Biddi).


What all well dressed cyclist should wear.

Still smiling after 1100 km.

Definitely at the end.

Fields of Dixibell (margarine for those too young to know the brand).

The Munda Biddi Shuttle (our magic carpet back to Perth).

What’s up there on the left Gayle?

“Looks like the track!”

Yep that’s  what a Munda Biddi crossing looks like at 100km/hr

Bill helping Pokey get off the magic carpet at the end of our journey.  What a great service!

A warm day to watch the soccer grand final.

Jacob’s team mates waiting to take the field for the finals.

Nate and Kiera’s community vege patch.

This guy unfurled beside me as I was cleaning the bikes.

Donquita all stripped down and bathed waiting for her new bling.

Pokey waiting for soap and water to be applied.

Looking like a skeleton.

New brake pad on the left, 1100km of wear and tear on the right.

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill