Herberton Jacaranda Audax – 24 October 2021

Herberton was awash with Jacaranda trees in full bloom, steam trains and festive visitors for the annual Jacaranda Festival 2021. Throw in 90 cyclists intent of exploring the trails around the area, and everything was set for a great morning out.

Audax FNQ offered two rides – an “easy” 32km (or thereabouts) jaunt from Wondecla through the forests and farmlands to Herberton, and a “challenging” 38km ride using the recently discovered old Herberton Range road and returning up the railway line. There was a relatively even split in the field, with only slight more people opting for an easy day out. The groups headed out from Wondecla and arrived a few hours later in the metropolis of Herbietown. And the rest is history.

Thanks Jimmy – another great video !!

Thanks to our volunteers – Kim, Rex G, Herby, Bonnie and David. We couldn’t do it without them.

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill