Eastern Beach Swimming Enclosure – Geelong, Victoria

Eastern Beach Swimming Enclosure is…… an enclosure for swimming sited on the beach just to the east of Geelong.   But its rather unimaginative name does not begin to reflect the brilliance of this beautiful swimming venue.

The enclosure was built in those fiscally desperate days of the 1930’s, when communities addressed their financial woes by investing in leisure facilities that could be shared by all.  The several acre patch of water is bounded by a shark-proof fence, and rimmed with a two layered wooden walkway.  It boasts diving boards, floating islands and slides that encourage people to jump and swim and enjoy themselves in the water.  There is a sandy beach, a cement bottomed pool for children, swings, picnic tables, sculptures, an ice-cream shop and fountains.

Our Two Laps were swum on a hot windy day in mid December.  There was a sizeable swell running across the enclosure which did not seem to deter the hoards of beach-goers busily enjoying the water and parklands.  We bobbed through the waves, dodging a multitude of people wading near the beach, floating beside the island, jumping off platforms and diving off boards.  Despite the hundreds of people in the area, there was plenty of room for everyone.  This area is definitely worth a visit to enjoy a swim and a walk along the esplanade.

(24 December 2017)

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