Tully Gorge Night Ride and Breakfast Mission – Saturday/Sunday 15-16 June 2019

Take your Audax cycling adventures to the next level with the Tully Night Ride.  This ride is designed to give you a taste of night riding and the mayhem that is an Audax overnight sleep control.  Jump up after too little sleep and enjoy a short cruise out to Mission Beach for breakfast.  Return to Tully when you are done.

Weekend Timetable:

Saturday 3.30pm – Check-in to the Tully Showgrounds Igloo (at the back of the grounds) to set up your overnight gear in the hall (sleeping mats, swags, sleeping bags).  NB:  We are using the netball hall, so no camp stretchers, cleats, bikes or other scratchy stuff allowed inside.

4.00pm – Check-in for the ride, collect your Brevet card and have your lights and reflective gear checked.

Full compliance with Audax lighting and reflective vest requirements is essential.  (Audax reflective anklets are available for purchase.)

4.45pm – Ride briefing

5.00pm – We ride……..

Control 1 – 35km (just before the road starts tipping upwards a bit)

Control 2 – 52km (top of the Gorge)

Control 3 – 71km (same as Control 1 – check in on your way back)

Finish – Tully Igloo for a barbque and shower.

12 midnight – lights out.

Sunday – 5.30am – Sunday morning wake-up call for the Breakfast Mission Ride.  (BYO food if you’d like to eat before riding).

5.45am – Check-in starts for the Breakfast Mission Ride.

6.15am – Ride briefing

6.30am – Ride starts

Control 1 – Mission Beach (plenty of time to find yourself something yummy for breakfast)

Finish – Back at Tully Showgrounds Igloo after breakfast.

About Tully Gorge Road

Tully Gorge Road starts near Tully and heads up to the top of Tully Gorge.  There are no cane tracks and no through traffic.  We will ride on a full moon, but it gets very dark towards the top of Tully Gorge when the roads starts to climb into the rainforest area.

You are likely to encounter some wildlife on the road – mostly small hopping or squirming things.  Take care, particularly on the descent from the top.

There will be Controls with some snacks and water at the 35km point and the top of the Gorge (53km).  Check in to the control again on the way down (71km).

If night riding isn’t your thing, you can bail out early at the 35km control and head back for the barbque.  Just be sure to let us know what you are planning to do.

There will be a sag wagon on the course.  Please note – There is NO MOBILE RECEPTION – from about 35km in to the ride.

Overnight in the Igloo

Your ride fee covers your overnight sleeping area and shower (BYO swag and other sleeping kit).   Set up in the hall before the ride and your bed will be waiting for you when you return.

We will follow Audax procedures for an overnight control.   Be mindful that you are sharing with lots of other people, so give them space and move around quietly.  (BYO earplugs.)  No big lights, alarm clocks or other noise makers inside the hall, please.  Lights out is at 12 midnight.  We will wake everyone in the morning at 5.30am.

Bike Storage

No bikes are permitted in the hall.  We will have people sleeping outside (as security of sorts), but please bring a bike lock.

Sunday Morning

You can leave your gear at Tully Igloo during the ride, and collect it on your return.

Late Starters:

We are aware that some riders may be participating in Beachruns@Mission on Saturday afternoon.  Please let us know if you would like a later start (up to 7pm).  Late starters may be asked to turn around at Control 1 (ie: 70km total ride).


Tully Night Ride

Breakfast Mission


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