Wynnum Wading Pool

Having grown up within a short distance of the Wynnum Wading Pool, it seemed like an auspicious place to start documenting swimming areas of Australia.

Any romantic notions of a gala start to our Two Laps project were immediately quashed by the realisation that there is a perfectly good reason for the name of this watery enclosure.  Swimming  two laps in the Wynnum Wading Pool may be feasible for the very young or otherwise vertically challenged.  However, big people should content themselves to enjoying a cooling sensation on their legs, possibly to just above the knee-line.

Despite the lack of water depth, Wynnum Wading Pool is much loved by locals and visitors throughout Brisbane’s long hot summers.  It was built in the early 1930’s when more enlightened governments saw the value in investing in projects that eased unemployment and brought joy to the populace.  Since its opening in 1933, the Wading Pool has undergone several periods of renovation and enhancements, while retaining its original character as a big, free, wet space to play in.

17 December 2017


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