Pokey’s Uphill Walk at Westerway

As we discovered on the Tasmanian Trail, horses can climb some outrageously steep country.  Pokey and Gayle wanted to show off how well they handled the steep climbs together.

Ah – the beauty of time-lapse photography.  The walk actually took them about 3.5  minutes and a fair bit of huff and puff from Gayle and Pokey.  (I think that was a smile from Gayle but it may have just been a grimace).   This was not the steepest or longest climb that we encountered during our journey, but reasonably representative of what we encountered when we ventured away from the formed roads.  I did feel a little bit guilty making Gayle push her bike all the way up by herself so that I could capture the moment with the camera.

I am pleased that we took the time to follow this bit of off-road madness near Westerway.   The effort of pushing our bikes both up and down the hills leading to the upper plateau was eventually rewarded with some relatively easy riding and the most spectacular views  of our whole journey.


"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill