Tassie Trail Photos – Day 3 – Quamby Corner to Bracknell

Quamby Corner camp ground. Great place to park up for the night.


Cluan Tier Rd

Cecil b de Mille at work

Smoko and arm warmer time

Uphill we go

The top

Prickle pod

Not a great place to try and hide if you are a prickle pod.

Uphill again



Ridable trail

Looking out to Liffey

Banksia man in the making

Moss up close

Not a lot of traffic on this road. Bikes just abandoned during break

Picture frame

Track leading down into valley

Slip sliding away

Water on the track

Old timber mill

Path to the valley below

Gayle making her way to school in Liffey

Let me out of here

Time for a quick plunge

Brrrrrr plunge is over

This appears to be a message aimed at me

Public shelter, BBQ, kitchen, office and great blog spot


Twighlight over the hills

Sunset over those same hills

River gum in Bracknell

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill