Tassie Trail Photos – Day 2 – Gog Range to Quamby Corner


Mist in the Mersey

Donquita carry across the Mersey

Gayle carrying pannier across the Mersey

Trip 5 complete

Are you sure that is a track?

Wheel standing Donquita (both wheels are actually on the ground)

Yep that is a trail.  Donquita is waiting with Gayle for a rescue.

Phew we made it to the top

Trail we can ride

Big trees

Slight lost up this one

There are those pesky trail markers we were looking for

Shoes off again for Lobster Riverlet

Uphill out of Lobster Riverlet

Bridge out

Sunbathing blue tongue


Finally at the top. Man that was hard.

Let’s mount up for a big downhill.

Lunch break at Redhills


Sunset at Quamby Corner

Camp kitchen at Quamby Corner. Sheer luxury.

Artwork by Dit

Goodnight from Quamby Corner



"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill