Tassie Trail Photos – Day 1 – Devonport to Gog Range

Leaving Sunrise after a great night’s sleep

The very top of our journey

The official start location Spirit of Tasmania terminal Devonport

Bike path out of Devonport

Cruising to the Axeman’s Hall of Fame in Latrobe

Bridge to Pig Island Latrobe

They grow them big down here

Ah there’s one. The first trail market we noticed (slightly larger than we expected shouldn’t get too lost)

Main street of Latrobe

Woohoo Pokey gravel under those hooves!

Mmmm trail

Through the locked gate and across the farmer’s paddock.

Vista of things to come

Seriously not a crop to be played with (Opium poppies).

Phew the bridge is open.

Bugger he’s too heavy

The Mersey is still too deep to cross here.

Smoko in Railton

Railton main drag

The town of topiary

Watch out for the shark Gayle!

Old Sheffield to Railton Rail trail

Sykes sanctuary

Wow – would you look at that flower in the Sykes sanctuary

Fire trail on the way to Sheffield

Nearly in Sheffield

Sheffield main street

Farming land outside Sheffield

The climbing has begun

Do we have to climb that?

On track for the Gog range

On top of the world

More climbing

It’s been a long day from Donquita

Mersey river

Mersey river

Our camp on the Mersey

Dinner spaghetti Bolognese rehydrate. Yum!!

Ready for sleep now




"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill