Tassie Trail Photos – Day 0 – Getting to Devonport

Leaving home! Cairns airport

Finally ready to check-in

Breakfast time for Gayle

Keep those elbows up

Dinner during Melbourne stopover


Finally in Launceston

Really?   We’ve got to get all that in there?

Live music in the Royal Oak Hotel

They look pretty happy.

The Royal Oak Hotel



Would you like a rose sir?

Nit picking again

Life’s just so busy


Another Aussie in a hot house

Now where did those wheels come from


The first Tassie Trail blog takes shape

Road tripping

The landing barge from the main land


Bass strait


Lighthouse on Mersey Bluff

Time to pedal now

Woohoo a trail




Another golden beach in Devonport

On the Mersey

Roughing it first night on the trail.


"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" Winston Churchill