Fleche Opperman All Day Trial – 2019

The FNQ version of the Fleche Opperman All Day Trial will be held on 18 – 19 May 2019.  FNQ is the only Audax location in Australia with a date that is different from the traditional late March time.  This change has been made to (hopefully) avoid cyclonic weather and the peak of the FNQ wet season.

The Fleche Opperman All Day Trial (or “The Oppy”) is a 24-hour team time trial held annually by Audax Australia. The Oppy is an event for teams of three to five bicycles. Each team must ride at least 360km and finish at a designated location in each state.  And if you’re not up for 24 hours of riding, try the Petit Oppy (180 km in 14 hours).

The 2019 edition of the Oppy will start on Saturday 18 May and finish 24 hours later.  In FNQ, the Oppy starts at 7am on Saturday 18 May and will finish at the Lure Restaurant at Port Douglas Marina at 7am on Sunday 19 May 2019.  Join us for a celebratory breakfast afterwards.


The Oppy is a unique time trial in which teams ride a route of their own choosing to a designated finishing point. The only restriction on route selection is that teams should ride a tour, not repeat circuits.


Follow our seven-step plan:

  1. Gather your best riding buddies and sell them on the idea of riding the Oppy this year.
  2. Work out a route. You can’t cover the same road twice in the same direction and you must ride at least 360km to reach one of the designated finish locations within 24 hours. Otherwise, it’s up to you.  Start wherever you like, ride either 360km or 180km, and finish at the Esplanade in Port Douglas.
  3. Email your local organiser (in FNQ – gayle.sticher@audax.org.au) to enter your team. Also submit your route map for approval.
  4. If you’re bringing a support crew, work out where you’ll meet them for food, water and support.
  5. Ride it. Take breaks, eat meals, and even sleep if you have spare time.
  6. Keep riding. You must ride a minimum distance of 25km in the last two hours of the event  This means you can’t just bowl over 360km and finish in the middle of the night.
  7. Finish. Eat breakfast, and tell everyone who’ll listen how good you are.

Please familiarise yourself with the Fleche Opperman Rules and Audax Australia’s lighting rules .

After you enter, everyone in your team will be provided with a brevet card, which you have stamped/signed at controls along the way (roughly every 50-80km) as a record of your progress.

Contact your local ride organiser (below) to enquire or enter a team.


Contact your local ride organiser (below) to enquire or enter a team.


Official finishing points are located in all mainland states and the ACT.  In 2018, the official finishing locations were:

Australia Capital Territory
Canberra: Peter Heal
New South Wales
Newcastle: Katherine Bryant & Ian Garrity
Wagga Wagga: Peter Makin
Ipswich: Mark Riley  Online Registration
FNQ – Gayle Sticher (email – gayle.sticher@audax.org.au)
South Australia
Adelaide: Matthew Rawnsley
Geelong: Martin Haynes  Online Registration
Western Australia
Fremantle: Tony Gillespie


Not up for a whole 24 hours of riding?

The Oppy’s ‘little brother’, the Petit Oppy, is available in most regions and runs on the same date as the Oppy.

The Petit Oppy requires participants to cover a minimum of 180km in 14 hours of riding. See the Fleche Opperman Ride Rules for more information.


The record for the Fleche Opperman All Day Trial was set in 1993 at 770km

Read the report of that record-breaking ride here: “The Endorphins“.

Read more information on the history of Queensland Audax with the Oppy.

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